Framer Tool Belts

Mighty & Balanced

Make your workday more productive with this supersized yet well-balanced framer’s set. You’ll be surprised at how much you can carry and still be comfortable all day.


As with all Badger bags, the bottom of the main pouch is reinforced with USA made tactical webbing to increase puncture and abrasion resistance.


Plenty of room for all your tools and fasteners, cutting back on trips to refill and increasing on-the-job efficiency. This set also holds multiple bars on the non-dominate side bag.

Belt Sizing Guide

To ensure you get the right belt, it’s important that you read and follow these instructions.

Handmade in the USA

All of our belts and bags are made right here in the USA of American materials.


Used by the U.S. Military because they are that good!


Badger’s take on the big American framing rig, the FSU. The Framer Set will provide plenty of room for your tools and fasteners while cutting back on trips to refill. All Framing Sets come with a contoured belt with metal COBRA® buckle to help support and distribute the added weight framers are required to carry. Currently all FSU sets come in our XL size bags. We feel it suits the needs of the professional framer best in this size. These are our longest bags at about 17″ from top to bottom. Keep that in mind if length is a concern.

The dominant side features a tape pouch, 5 tool slots in main pouch (three along the inside back and two inside of front), two stacked lower pouches with a tool slot in the middle one, rear tool loop and a pencil/utility combo up front with three narrow slots and one deep pocket.

The non-dominant side features a tape pouch with 4 interior 1″ wide elastic slots, speed square slot in main pouch with wide tool slot below, fastener pouch with slot, lower fastener pouch, two front tool pockets, 2 stacked rear tool slots and a reinforced bar sleeve on the underside of the bag.

Solid Belt

Simplicity is king - A one color bag with optional trim color variations.

The High Low

A two tone bag, with one color up top and another down below.

The Inside Out

A two tone bag, but this time you pick and inside and outside colors.
A Point of Pride

Made in the USA

All of our belts and bags are made right here in the USA in either our Wabash, IN or in Santa Rosa, CA locations. We source the toughest fabrics, threads and hardware we can find to bring you the very best tool belts we can.

COBRA® buckles

When Badger first introduced COBRA® buckles to the tool belt industry, we knew they’d be a hit. Many other brands have since followed suit. They are the only component in our system that we welcome as foreign-made. The US government has made a waiver to the Berry Amendment (military must use and wear only domestically made gear) to allow the use of the Austrian-made buckles throughout the US military simply because they are that good.