About Us

The Badger Philosophy

We believe in giving our customers personal attention and good old fashioned customer service. If you call us, we’ll do our best to pick up, even if the shop is noisy or we are in the middle of something. If you have to leave a message, we’ll call you back. If you have a custom need, let us know. We will do whatever we can to work with you to get exactly what you’ve been thinking about.

We are a pride driven shop. We take pride in every piece we send out. We want that pride to extend to you. When you pay good money for something so important to your job, you should expect it to make a difference in your daily comfort and productivity. We expect that too. That is our goal, to make your day more productive AND more comfortable.

Now that we are part of the Occidental Leather family, we’ll be able to make belts more quickly while maintaining our extremely high standards.

The Badger Story

I’ve been asked several times about where this all started and how I came to be making tool belts. It all started when the opportunity to quit my job and work from home with my partner came about. She was struggling to keep up with demand for tool belts and I hated my job. So, we spent the next several years making Diamondbacks in our spare room and garage.

To cut to it, we split up and I began the long process of putting a start-up together. Many of the same innovations I initially added to Badgers have now become more common in the industry. Cobra buckles are the best I could find when we first started searching for a replacement to the antiquated slide buckle that we used to use. They are now seen more and more on tool belts. And if SuperFabric can make its way into more chisel pouches around the world, that’s a win. We are proud to play a part in that.