To ensure you get the belt that will offer you the most flexibility, it’s important that you read and follow these instructions. DO NOT base your choice on your pants size. Take a string or tape measure and measure snugly where you plan to wear your tool belt. Belts are typically worn on the hips. This area tends to be wider than where your pants sit. For example, I wear a size 33” waist jeans. But I measure a 37” around my hips, where I like to wear my tool belt. Keep in mind your working conditions. If you work outside in all seasons, layers will increase your circumference.

Our belts have around four or five inches of flexibility for the best fit. This is more than enough for most people. For an optimal fit, there should be 1" to a max of 6" of open space between your belt ends. For instance, if your measurement is 36”, you should go with a MD belt which will leave about 3” of open space. Choose what you think will work best for your working conditions. If you have doubts, just make your best guess then contact us so we can confirm what will work best for you. We can update your order after we talk.


Custom Sizing

If you think you fall between sizes, outside of the listed sizes, or know you don’t need that flexibility, we're happy to make your belt the exact length you feel you need. But please keep in mind, custom sized belts are non-returnable. Depending on the requested size, we may need to charge a higher rate. Your warranty will still 100% apply. But if it’s made a special size for you, it’s yours to keep. we can’t accept it for exchange. It’s important that we work together to confirm sizing on custom belts. But, ultimately, it’s your responsibility. Please see below for specifics.

Badger Tool Belt Sizing Chart