The SS Trim Set (Hammer Sleeve Not Included)

The SS Trim Set (Hammer Sleeve Not Included)


The Side by Side Trim Set is a shortened version of our standard Side By Side Set. It's a great all-around tool belt suitable for many trades and has enough versatility to serve you well throughout most phases of construction from framing to finish work. This set up consists of the contoured belt with metal COBRA® buckle, Ton the dominant side, and the ST1 on the non-dominant. 


T1 Bag Configuration: Five tool slots in the main pouch-three along inside back and two inside front, single outside lower pouch with tool slot, rear tool loop. Pencil/utility combo upfront with three small slots and one deep pocket. Overall length is approximately 11". 


ST1 Bag Configuration: Speed square slot, lower tool slot, side by side outside pouches, slots in each fastener pouch, reinforced bar slot on the underside of the bag. Overall length is approximately 11".  


As with all Badger bags, the bottom of the main and fastener pouches are reinforced with USA made tactical webbing to increase puncture and abrasion resistance. 


We strongly recommend getting a hammer sleeve with this rig. It’s a natural fit. 


Before choosing belt size PLEASE read our belt sizing guide. Do NOT just go by your pants size as it can lead to an incorrectly fitted belt.