Petzl Caritool

Petzl Caritool


We try to bring outstanding products form other areas into the trades when we feel they would be beneficial to our customers. The Petzl Caritool is one of these products. It is a great addition to any set up. The standard size is perfect for storing miter clamps for easy access. With the large size, you can even clip in an impact driver for easy access. The Caritool tool holder allows the user to select and return tools with just one hand. It slips in through the belt strapping and stays in place, thanks to its stabilizing clip. The gate has a protective feature that limits accidental snagging. It is available in two sizes. Multipule uses for each size make these a valuable addition to any tool belt. 


Made in Italy. Petzl is recognized regularly by Outdoor Magazine as the best or one of the best places to work in the outdoor industry.  We appreciate that. 



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